MVDM since 2004

,,Since a very young age I love fashion and I am sensitive to everything happening in the world around me. People intrigue me with their personality, behavior, way of life, how they dress, move and what moves them. The way I work is I search for vintage textiles, materials and overstock any place I go and choose them by their structure and characteristics the way they drape, move or fall. I drape fold or twist the fabric on a mannequin. This is how my ideas come to life. It’s very intuitive.’’

,,Every garment tells a story…’’

Going down memory lane…
It’s late 70’s growing up in Hellevoetsluis a small town near the Sea and Rotterdam I learn the craft of sewing and creative skills from my creative parents. It’s late 80’s to mid 90’s my friends and I go clubbing underground create clothes and trip to the beat! Meanwhile I study at the tailoring school. From mid to late 90’s I further develop my skills at the Academy AMFI and as an intern I move to Swinging London and work with famous couturiers like Vivienne Westwood and Hussein Chalayan. When I return I work for Frank Govers, Aziz Bekkaoui and Frans Molenaar. In 1998 I graduate from AMFI and start to work in retail Interior Store DOM and High fashion boutique PRAGUE as a salesman and window-dresser for five years. I quit my job at PRAGUE end of 2003 while creating my vintage parachute collection. I launch my label January 1st. 2004 get selected for Hyeres in April and win two prizes. After fifteen years running my ethic label it’s time for something new…

Ready-to-Wear Open : Fri., Sat. & Sun. 12.00-18.00

Couture On appointment only! +31(06)-18151348 info@michaelvandermeide.nl

Michael and his team