Michael van der Meide

Michael van der Meide (Hellevoetsluis 1973) is a Rotterdam based fashion designer.

As an intern Michael worked for Vivienne Westwood, Hussein Chalayan, Frans Molenaar, Frank Govers and Aziz Bekkaoui. After graduating from AMFI in 1998 he worked for Interior Store DOM by Kristian Koban and the high-end designer boutique PRAGUE by Louis Dijksman as salesman and windowdresser untill the end of 2003.
He launches his iconic vintage draped parachute dresses at the Hyères festival 2004 where he won two international design awards ‘the Henri Bendel Award’ and ‘the Puntoseta Award’. After then his label takes flight. 

We search for vintage textiles, materials or products that had a life and deadstock any place we travel. Textiles are chosen by their characteristics: the way they move, drape or fall. We cut, drape, mould, fold or twist and rigorously tailor these textiles into transformative clothes, the signature of our brand.

[Photo by Stephan van Fleteren]

Address:  Fenix 2, Paul Nijghkade 19A Rotterdam
Opening hours: Fri. | Sat. | Sun. 12.00-18.00