A twelve look collection one for every month of 2023.
Each look has it’s mood and takes you on a visual journey in my manic mind.

Break taboo around Bi-polar disorder create dialogue, open up and connect people!

Bittersweet manic nature
Ideas pop up in an outrageous fashion.

Euphoric energy overflows my mind.

Moving fast from one side to another.
I am rushing to make them all come true.

It’s unbelievably manic and feels quite fantastic.
Have to get outdoors for the look and feel of nature.

Looking at the world through a different kind of lens.
Here I find beauty like no one can imagine.

All of a sudden it gets dark.
So dark that I can’t see.

Suspicious minds, voices, hallucinations, extravagance, sexual desire.
Hey big spender! Is this the end my only friend?

I rapidly have to come back down to earth.
My beloved, therapy and pills convince me to stay.

Fuck! It’s bittersweet going through this heavenly hell.
Having to experience this overpowering natural force.

Despite these episodes of stormy weather.
We fight it… persevere and have a wonderful life!

Euphoria dress
mood: the euphoria is the first phase, I feel on top of the world, so happy, so joyful, I believe I am a famous Rockstar!
material: 100% silk chiffon Prize on request!

Hypomania suit
mood: hypomanic state the reality is to personal perception, energy increases sleep decreases. I start to behave like a different person!
material: satin couture with cut silk flowers in covered collage hand embroidery Prize on request!

Mania dress
mood: the manic episode is wonderful I am on top of everything, creative, full of ideas, doing stuff and I can take anything!
material: dress in thick cotton embellished with silky multi colored loose threads. Lined with graphic colored abstract printed up cycled silk Prize on request!

Fantastica suit
mood: the word says it all I go so fast feeling fantastic and dynamic I have the feeling giving light!
material: jumpsuit made in patchwork of cut up security vests with reflections. Corset and handbag made of ropes Prize on request!

Naturalia dress
mood: in nature I find the rest and tranquility I need to come down to earth when I go to fast. Take care of myself with the three R-’s.
material: dress and oversized bomberjacket in silk organdy and accessory of pompoms Prize on request!

Sexualia coat
mood: in this fase I feel naughty and provocative having a strong desire for sex!
material: silk satin supersized up cycled duvet coat with silkscreen naughty banana’s Prize on request!

Extravaganza dress
mood: during a manic episode I tend to dress myself in extravagant ways. I have the feeling my mind and soul are on fire!
material: extravagant draped dress with oversized silk twill fringed scarfs with fire prints Prize on request!

Obscura suit
mood: feeling small, worth nothing. Not being able to stand against incentives. Everything is too much!
material: harness transformed with headdress, metal chains and silver paillettes, silk satin couture corset pants with embellished paillettes Prize on request!

Hallucinaria dress
mood: hearing voices and seeing things that are not real in my case big black crows in my living room!
material: skintight semi transparent black flysuit with big oversized fringed wings and feathered beak helmet headdress Prize on request!

Therapia suit
mood: all emotions come across when in therapy: Happy, Sad, Angry, Shame, Outrageous, Tiresome, Surprised etcetera!
material: up cycled Levi’s clothing hybrid of jacket and pants transformed in a jumpsuit with Art painting of expressions Prize on request!

Relaxaria dress
mood: coming back down to earth by taking my rest no deadlines, meetings, no business. To bed and sleep or stay at home!
material: up cycled silk scarfs dress in transformed patchwork in parachute style with elongated pussy bow blouse/dress underneath Prize on request!

Cura suit
mood: to be enlightened by therapy, the right medication, a good lifestyle. Wonderful!
material: draped oversized bomber jacket and pants adjustable by cord strings made in 100% nylon up cycled parachute cloth Prize on request!


Couture Design, Creative direction & production: Fashion designer Michael van der Meide
Jewelry Design & production: Jewelry designer Judith Schwendener
Couture production: Master Tailor Zoltan Fazekas
Couture production: Fashion designer Vincent Moerman
Art objects design en production: Artist Rik Davids
Art painting: Artist Mariken Heywegen
Fashion design illustrations & Graphics: Fashion illustrator & Graphic designer Linda Zoon
Print & Silkscreen design: Print Designer Ivan van Beek
Make-up & Hair: Make-up & Hairstylist Sonya Bloemhard
Models: Dennis Bijleveld aka MamaQueen & Winni Pascaline
Photography & Animation: Photographer Brenda de Vries
Public Relations: Sil Hol, Sara Verhelst & Dave Hoppema

Special thanks: True Artists & Stichting Droom en Daad for making this project possible!

20% of each Couture look supports the enlightenment of people with mental health issues

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