We are grateful and proud that since 2019 we create unique Special orders of bespoke tailoring for the one and only Marcel Veenendaal

The charismatic frontman and leadsinger of DI-RECT one of the most popular and evolving rockbands in Holland.

Each piece we create for Marcel and all our Clients especially in Couture are made by hand, unique, in the best high quality fabrics and materials either vintage, upcycled, leftover or deadstock we can get our hands on. We source and buy in and around Rotterdam and places we love to travel to around Europe. Signature Couture fabrics designed in House are Made in Italy Como famous for its finesse and high end quality in fabrics. Couture fabrics also be vintage from fashion or interior items that had a life and transfrom in a new.

You have a special occassion, performance, party, wedding or just because you want to dress special any day?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment at the studio and we make your fashion dream come true. Michael & Zoltan

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            Marcel wearing the Royal blue suit Extra-ordinaire with All eyes on you Pussy bow blouse.

Art print by Artist Jamel Armand

Photography by Setvexy

Marcel Veenendaal wearing Michael van der Meide Photography by Nathan Reinds    Marcel Veenendaal wearing Michael van der Meide Photography by Nathan Reinds

Marcel wearing the dramatic pinstripe wool suit Deconstructed kimono coat, large tie-neck blouse and pleated pants.

Photography by Nathan Reinds


Marcel wearing the white/silver ‘Magic Landscape’ suit: Classic Powerblazer & wide flowy pants silk coupé with silk chiffon/silk chenille/lurex.

In the middle photo Marcel is wearing the Black & white ‘All eyes on you’ three-piece couture chiffon suit a collaboration with Artist Jamel Armand.

Photography by Nathan Reinds


The Classic ‘Powered Flower’ suit: In upcycled High quality Gobelin curtain couture in satin cotton/polyester suit.

A classic tailored dramatic trenchcoat, Power blazer, waistcoat, pants with nude satin lining and minty silk pussy bow blouse.

Photography by Set Vexy


The bloodred ‘Priest’ suit: In satin feûtre with a pussy bow blouse with long scarf, wide flowy sporty couture pants

and deconstructed wool melange kimono with huge topstitched pockets.

Photography by Nathan Reinds