The First of January 2020 we launched Dconstructed! We de-construct & re-construct vintage originals that had a life and transform in a new. We work together with skillful artisans from all cultures to make them with in Rotterdam. The people come from Turkey, Hungary, Syria, Morocco, Afrika and other countries. Dconstructed is our more sporty chic unisex Ready-to-Wear label. People who wear it want to stand out in colour, proportion and cut.

We always loved and searched for vintage textiles, products that had a life and dead stock any place we go. They are chosen by their characteristics, tactility, color, print, the way they move, drape or fall. We drape, fold, twist and rigorously deconstruct these textiles into transformative clothes. Dconstructed garments were always mixed in the MICHAELVANDERMEIDE collection. Now they come together in DCONSTRUCTED! A collaboration of Michael van der Meide and his partner Ivan van Beek.